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Our Values

AMBITION We strive to be the best that we can be.  We believe that simply being ‘good enough’, isn’t.

CAMERADERIE We value the friendships that we make along the way.  We believe that goodwill, good humour and a high level of rapport are essential ingredients to success.

COMPETENCE We are well qualified at what we do.  We constantly upgrade our skills and knowledge to ensure we remain relevant and valuable.

DEPENDABILIY We always follow through on our commitments.  When we make promises, we stick to them no matter the challenge.

GENEROSITY We give to our Industry, to our Community and to our stakeholders for their development and our satisfaction, not for recognition.

PERSERVERANCEWe show steady persistence in pursuing our vision and purpose no matter what obstacles appear along the way. 

VALUEWe provide benefits that exceed their cost.