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Webinar Recordings


Each Month we host a Webinar on a new topic that often is an issue for our business.

We have provided the recordings of each of our Webinars below for your convenience.

1. Re igniting the FIRE in your business

Presented on 10 Feb 2015
From time to time, business owners become confused and unclear about their direction. When that happens, they stagnate and once a business stagnates it’s only a matter of time before it loses its competitive edge. It’s important to be clear about what to achieve, why that’s important and what actually needs doing. Setting clear, solid, long--‐term goals is paramount to success and yet 97% of business owners don’t have them. This workshop covers the process of goal setting to reignite the fire in your business.

2. Turning tyre kickers into money in the bank

Presentedd on 11 Mar 2015
The unfortunate truism is that if you can’t sell it, you don’t get to do it. And if you don’t do the work, you’re unlikely to get paid. Sales is undoubtedly the most underdeveloped skill of business owners despite being the fastest road to growth. Here you’ll learn the seven step process essential to optimize every sale and how to build your very own seven step process.

3. Get the clients you really want

Presented on 9 Apr 2015
Do you know who you’re ideal client is? Do you invest time and money into marketing that just doesn’t attract them or worse still, doesn’t attract anybody? If you’re investing in marketing then stop spending your valuable hours and dollars on attracting anything less than your ideal client! Learn all the basics of identifying your ideal target market and the five step process that works every time to build an effective marketing program.

4. Kick that time management challenge for good

Presented on 12 May 2015
The most common challenge small business owner’s face is not what to do to build their business, but rather how to find the time to do those business building tasks. Typically the owner is the only person in the business that is able to do everything – and so they do! Learn how to turn your prioritization process on its head in order to achieve massive results every week. Find out how to apply our four step process to literally create time that you thought you didn’t have.

5. Increase your profitability by a guaranteed 61%

Presented on 10 Jun 2015
Profit is the name of the game, and any business that fails to make profit consistently just doesn’t survive. But profit is merely an outcome, right? So what do you need to focus on to produce it, and maximize it? It turns out that there’s only five areas of, business that really drive profit, so if you’re investing time into anything other than these, you’re simply wasting your time and money. Learn the fastest and simplest road to profit growth and drive your financial reward straight up.

6. Get them coming back again and again

Presented on 9 Jul 2015
The truth is that getting clients is great, but getting them to buy from you again and again is essential for any business’s sustainability. It costs eight times more to sell to a new client than it does to sell to an existing one so why is it so many business owners fail to utilise this and establish solid service and repeat marketing strategies? Learn the 3 part formula to keep your clients coming back to you forever.

7. Finances aren't my thing

Presented on 11 Aug 2015
So many business owners are flying blind when it comes to understanding their financials. It’s like they’re playing a sport and have no idea of the score or driving a car with no dashboard. Oh, yeah! That’s right, they think their accountant is there to do that right, wrong! It’s the business owners’ responsibility to know the numbers and be able to use them to make great decisions to make those numbers even better.

8. We're building a first class team

Presented on 9 Sep 2015
No doubt about it – for a business to grow it needs great people and great teams are a result of great leadership. Some wrongly believe that leadership is something that great leaders are born with – not true, it can be learned, developed, honed and passed on. Learn the 6 essentials of any great team and the ways in which you can lead in order to produce the winning team that you’re wanting.

9. The right person in the right job

Presented on 08 Oct 2015
Recruiting is simply a matter of coming up with an ad, checking resumes for the right skills, having a chat to see if you get on and voila, new team member! Sorry, there’s a whole lot more to it, well certainly if you want to get it right the first time. Discover a world class system for recruiting that starts with understanding the why that person’s required, how to create a marketing piece that will attract the right person in the first place then ALL the steps to ensure that the person that finally does get in to your organisation earns the position and is perfectly matched. Most Recruitment agencies still wished they knew what this session uncovers.

10. If only everyone in the team did it like me

Presented on 3 Nov 2015
Customers value one thing above all else – consistency. Don’t believe it? Do some research on the success of McDonald’s and you’ll think again. Here’s a company that built an empire over just a couple of decades based wholly and solely on one thing – consistent product and service delivery. If your business isn’t able to deliver the same level of service every time then you need to learn how. Tune in to this session.

11. Can a one-page business plan really work?

Presented on 9 Dec 2015
Why is it that so many business don’t have a written plan – because that reality is that more than 80% actually don’t? It’s because they think planning is hard and that the result is not worth the time it takes. Some will look to third parties to produce a plan for them, but that just ends up with an expensive document that doesn’t connect with the owner and ends up on a shelf gathering dust. Learn how to produce a simple one-page plan for your business that keeps everybody on track and achieving results.