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Learning You’ll Use

Our comfortable chairs and extensive business library mean you can settle in for an hour or an afternoon.  With a great selection of books, our members can get the best information and advice from:

  • business leaders
  • growth experts
  • inspirational thinkers
  • experienced motivators
  • sourced from around the world.

You may borrow books from the library at any time.

A World of Ideas

Our bookshop, the Mind Store, stocks best- selling and influential business publications from around the world. Covering topics like business motivation, management, marketing, mindset, team building, strengths and creativity, we stock books by leading writers and thinkers including:

  • Michael E Gerber
  • Dr Wayne W Dyer
  • Anthony Robbins
  • Seth Godin
  • Dr Seuss

Drop into the Mind Store and browse our magazines, CDs and DVDs for the inspiration you need to make your next move in business.