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Small Business Experts

Available to our guests, the Small Business Experts workshops and webinars have been designed to increase the confidence and profitability of any person in any industry. The workshops and webinars focus on essential aspects of every small business.

Delivering enormous insight into each topic as well as real life strategies to implement solutions, this is learning you’ll use to drive and grow your business success.

This is just a sample of the exciting workshops and webinars being run for small business owners from every industry.  For up-to-date information visit our calendar of events and register online.

Week Topic
1. Getting your head into business
2. Reignite the Fire in your business Turn
3. "Tyre-Kickers" into money in the bank
4. Get the clients you really want
5. Kick that time management challenge for good
6. Increase your profitability by a guaranteed 61%
7. Get them coming back for again and again
8. Finances aren't my thing
9. We're building a first class team
10. The right person in the right job
11. If only everyone in the team did it like me
12. Can a one-page business plan really work?