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Paul Henshall  MBA - Chief Alchemist

The Chief Alchemist believes we all have what it takes to fulfil our dreams. For Paul Henshall, it’s simply a matter of acquiring the right skills and taking planned action…

I enjoy working with people who love to learn and who are passionate about their business or career.

For the last decade, I’ve worked with over 130 small businesses across Australia. That means I understand first-hand the demands on business and business owners. And in fact, helping to solve the frustrations of my own business is what drove me to establish the Business re-Education Centre in the first place. 

For over 22 years, I owned and operated businesses and worked towards formal qualifications to become a business coach, mentor and teacher. Through your BrEC membership I can help you achieve the success you desire.  I’ve devoted many years to increasing my knowledge in all areas of business, in particular strategic marketing, financial intelligence, innovation and team alignment and also attained my MBA with a major in e-commerce. 

You may have come across my work as a key-note speaker, columnist and radio presenter on business management, marketing and financial sustainability and I run seminars and workshops on topics like profit drivers in your business, improving marketing and sales techniques and building powerful business teams. 

Your membership at the Business re-Education Centre gives you front seat access to all this and more. Work with us to bring out the best in yourself so you can make your next move in business.”

Darren Kerby - Business Growth

Darren’s passion is helping business people to develop themselves and grow their businesses, not just to reach their dreams, but exceed them.

That’s why over the past 20 years, Darren has had over twenty thousand meetings with business people throughout Central Victoria – because he’s keen to help them flourish.

As the Business Development Manger of BrEC, Darren meets with a number business owners every single working day, listening to their concerns and exploring their opportunities because he’s looking for ways in which BrEC might help.  If there is a match between what the business needs and what BrEC provides, Darren co-ordinates a meeting with BrEC’s Chief Alchemist, Paul Henshall so that together they can uncover the root cause of a challenge or heart of an opportunity and strategize about solutions.  If both parties see mutual benefit in working together, and they usually do, they’ll move forward together with clarity and solutions that they can implement immediately.

A few years back Darren represented Australia on behalf of Habitat for Humanity in Long An - Vietnam. At the state dinner he spoke about how he believed that by working together we can build communities and hope for the future.  He said then that he thought knowledge was the key to that.  And that’s why he puts so much time and energy into every business he connects with regarding BrEC – because he knows that increasing the level of knowledge of every business owner in Regional Victoria Can create an abundant community.

Darren has a diploma in Coaching and sport development and he has owned three successful businesses of his own.

Make an appointment to speak with Darren today on 5444 4585.  You’ll be very glad you did.