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Are You One Of Us?

At BrEC, we don't have an average client profile. Why? Because we have members; and none of them are average. Here, the thing that drives us is the same thing that drives you: a passion for our business, a commitment to our community and a desire to be the best that we can beDo you

  • own a small business
  • work alone, in partnership or with a larger team
  • have 1-25+ employees
  • have a desire to be the best you can be 

BrEC is a great place to look for new ideas about making your next move in business. We understand your journey (we've walked that mile), we share your goals (success, right?) and we know how to take action to get results.

Surround yourself with people who are working towards building a better business and a stronger community. Come and join us. Our members and their guests are always welcome.