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They Succeeded … So Will You

We’ve helped people in businesses just like yours turn their fortunes around.  At BrEC, successful people all have one thing in common: they never stop learning.

Here are some of their stories:

"...I was a one man band who went to work with my dog.  I saw my business go from 0-17 employees, 1-18 vehicles, $100K turnover to $3M... Most importantly it has given me a balanced lifestyle I could only have dreamed of...  I, like most people, knew my trade very well, but knew nothing about running a successful business.  I learnt everything that's required to run a successful, commercial, profitable enterprise that runs without me..."  Danny Wells, Groundswell Australia

"...provided me with financial, marketing, customer service and team building systems for my business to operate successfully.  ... I was working 60 hours a week in my business and I spent no time working on my  business.  I now work 15 hours a week in my business and have more time to work on my business."  Rod Stuart, Dunolly Bakery

"...offers a sound methodology and resource to improve any business... In a personal sense, Paul has been a great positive influence to me, I never cease to be educated and encouraged by his positive influence and attitude." Leo Treble, CPA - Stubberfield Group Bendigo

"...my ideas, thoughts and the status quo were gently but firmly challenged. Even in a difficult business situation as ours (two headstrong brothers in partnership) the best in us was brought out. Our learning curve for exponential. The material provided to us was so useful. We are good farmers, but we learnt to be good businessmen as well... Our business grew during this time. We managed to secure both major retailers as customers as well as increase our supply ability from our farms. We all know that farming due to environmental conditions can be a very difficult profession, but we learnt to look at all the difficult aspects and see how we could overcome them to improve our ability to supply produce consistently." Steve Skopilianos, Ladybird Organics